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December 7, 2020 | By

We don’t usually like to flaunt ourselves…..

For the past 36 years, the “Bistro Bits” column in Back Stage, the Bistro Awards annual event, and BistroAwards.com, has always put the spotlight on you, and we pride ourselves on that.

But, how nice it is that some of you would like to now place the spotlight on us!

The Bistro Awards has been nominated by BroadwayWorld.com (BWW) in the Best Special Event, Multiple category. Mind you, there are 51 other award categories listed on BWW’s web pages, and there are 16 additional shows listed under Best Special Event, Multiple. (Bet none of them have continuously run for 36 years.)

I proudly put on display here the listing on that BroadwayWorld.com page from BWW’s cabaret editor Stephen Mosher:

“Sherry Eaker – The 2020 Bistro Awards – Gotham Comedy Club: The iconic Eaker has given her life to the cabaret industry, as an editor, reviewer, producer, bestower of awards, and advocate. The annual Bistro Awards is one of the parties of the year, every year, but in 2020 Eaker and Co. presented an award ceremony for the record books. With all the pieces perfectly in place, The Bistro Awards presented a lineup of talent that would leave a person breathless… and that’s exactly what it did.”

If you’d like to participate in the voting process, click here.

This link takes you directly to the Best Special Event, Multiple BWW page.

You’ll need to scroll all the way down, reading about all 16 other Special Event nominees along the way and, at the very bottom,  you’ll see:

“Be sure to vote for the SPECIAL EVENT of your choice HERE.”

If you click on the above, you’ll find yourself on a page where you’ll have to type in your email address. (You must do that in order for BWW to send you a link that you’ll need to confirm for the vote to count.)

You don’t have to vote in all 52 categories (but maybe you will; there are many Bistro Award Hall of Famers in the mix). Note: You cannot just skip a category. You’ll have to click on “No Nominee” to move on to the next category.

We’re Category #36. 🙂

Hoping you’ll have a strong cup of coffee before you get to work on this, and a bit of patience.

And, hey, if you don’t vote, that’s fine too. You’ve come this far in reading about us getting a nomination! In addition, the Bistro Awards team feels that being recognized is an award on its own. Thank you!



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Sherry Eaker has been the producer of the annual Bistro Awards since the awards’ inception in 1985. She is the former editor of "Back Stage" and, during her 30-year run, produced panel discussions and workshop events on an ongoing basis, including the programming for Back Stage’s annual Actorfest. She compiled and edited four editions of the "Back Stage Handbook for Performing Artists," and compiled and edited "The Cabaret Artists Handbook." Sherry is on the Board of the League of Professional Theatre Women, a member of the National Theatre Conference and the American Theatre Critics Association (and produced eight of ATCA’s New York weekend conferences). She is an advisor to the boards of both the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition.

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