2020 Bistro Awards

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Another successful night at the Bistros! Check out photos below:

Spencer Day

Charles Busch

Julie Halston

Darius de Haas

Aisha de Haas

Mark Wood

Sean Harkness, Marcus Simeone, Lina Koutrakos of Clearly Now

Joanne Halev

Sidney Myer

Stephanie Trudeau

Lorna Dallas

Barry Kleinbort

Gretchen Reinhagen

Gerry Geddes

Gabrielle Stravelli

Nancy McGraw

Roy Sander

Liz Callaway with Richard Maltby, Jr.

Charlotte Maltby with Richard Maltby, Jr.

Charlotte Maltby

Liz Callaway

Lynne Wintersteller

Michele Brourman

Sally Mayes with Richard Maltby, Jr.

Sally Mayes

Sheilah Rae

David Shire with Richard Maltby, Jr.

David Shire

Richard Maltby, Jr.

Charlotte Maltby and Richard Maltby, Jr.

Les femmes du rouge: Bistro Awards producer Sherry Eaker and director Shellen Lubin

Hidden behind Dain-designed Bistro show programs, Frank Dain and Marilyn Lester

Dawn Derow and John Williams

Bob Diamond and Cynthia Crane

Barbara Bleier, Michele Brourman (standing), Barbara Maier Gustern

Laurie Krauz, Mary Sue Daniels, Lucille Karr-Caffashan

Lorna Dallas, Charles Busch, Tom Judson, and Julie Halston

Marcus Simeone, Lina Koutrakos, Sean Harkness

Marnie Klar and Tanya Moberly

Nancy McGraw, Steve McGraw (standing), Mark Nadler

Daniel Dunlow and Dawn Derow

Leanne Borghesi and Marta Sanders

Pat O’Leary, Gabrielle Stravelli, Shirley Crabbe

Daryl Kojak

Elizabeth Ward Land

Gregory Toroian and Sue Matsuki

Jack Bartholet

Robert Windeler

Wendy Lane Bailey

photo credit: Maryann Lopinto

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