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Simi Horwitz is an award-winning feature writer/film reviewer who has been honored by The Newswomen’s Club of New York, The Los Angeles Press Club, The Society for Feature Journalism, the American Jewish Press Association, and the New York Press Club (among others), most recently winning two 2020 NYPC awards for criticism and entertainment news, respectively. The publications that have printed her work include "The Hollywood Reporter," "Film Journal International," "American Theatre," and the "Forward." She was an on-staff feature writer at "Backstage" for fifteen years (1997-2012).

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Drag Kings Just Want to Have Fun and Get Their Due

Drag Kings Just Want to Have Fun and Get Their Due

August 30, 2020 | By | 1 Comment

Article #2 of Simi Horwitz’s ongoing series on alt-cabaret. Drag King Mo B. Dick (aka Mo Fischer), best known for his self-defining quip, “Instead of being an angry woman I became a funny man,” reluctantly admits it’s never been a better time for drag kings. Thanks to the shuttering of live venues, drag kings—performing artists […]

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