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Joe’s Pub

Tuesday February 25, 9:30 pm
Thursday February 27, 9:30 pm

Transforming himself completely with each new show, the brilliantly creative Salty Brine returns, this time with These Are the Contents of My Head, the latest edition of his Living Record Collection series. Each entry in the series cunningly and fascinatingly interweaves performances of all of the songs from a seminal or iconic recording, analyses of the recording and of another, quasi-related artistic work, and personal reminiscences and revelations. His analyses are not only trenchant, they are frequently very funny.

In this new show, the recording is Annie Lennox’s debut solo album, Diva, the other artistic work is Kate Chopin’s feminist novel The Awakening, and he’ll tie in Judy Garland’s 1961 Carnegie Hall concert. The show, which “reveals the stories of strong, defiant women and the little gay boy who loves them,” is directed by Shaun Peknic, with arrangements and music direction by Ben Langhorst and costumes by the delightfully imaginative and resourceful Heather McDevitt Barton.

To read how he stunningly pulled off a similarly improbable assignment, click here for our review of one of his prior offerings, Welcome to the Jungle, which garnered him a 2018 Bistro Award for Creative Artistry.

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